Add Coding to Your MBA Resume: Learning Tech to Improve Your Business Job Prospects

The internet and mobile revolution is making so many changes in how companies do business. These days, an MBA is not enough to open doors and land you lucrative jobs in the tech industry. Unless you have a Master’s in Business Analytics, a highly sought after field, or you know how to code, you won’t have a competitive edge over other applicants.

Coding skills make your resume more attractive. Based on a survey conducted by the Graduate Management Admission Council, technical and quantitative aptitude ranks third on the list of skillsets employers look for in MBA students.

An MBA is designed to make students understand the needs of customers. It’s mainly a combination of strategic planning, marketing, sales, and financial analysis.

Coding experience can make someone with an MBA a valuable addition to any company. Skills in this field make it easier to communicate the needs of the market to the engineering and technical teams.

With the current setup in modern companies, the engineering and IT departments play a crucial role in the business process; making the leap to understand the language of people in this field boosts your employability. When you are well equipped to communicate requests from your department to these technical arms of the organization, you will get better results. At the same time, it will be easier to empathize with the challenges technical departments face on a daily basis.

Regardless of the role you are going to play in the management, your coding experience will be seen as a valuable asset. Even basic knowledge of coding can open many doors for you, allowing you to connect with more prospective employers. Having an MBA gives you an advantage, but you can make it even better by adding coding to your list of courses.