Three Critical Elements to Ensure Online Learning Programs Remain Fresh

Freshness.  Freshness means different things to different people.  For me, it is a break of dawn, blue sky, 67° degree bike ride, crunchy green grapes, and firm, tart blueberries.  We often do not think of ‘freshness’ in education and online learning.  But we need to. To date, much of the focus on online learning has been about ‘access’ to the online platform, effectiveness of online learning, and whether or not online learning is strategic.  For the most part, colleges and

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Add Coding to Your MBA Resume: Learning Tech to Improve Your Business Job Prospects

The internet and mobile revolution is making so many changes in how companies do business. These days, an MBA is not enough to open doors and land you lucrative jobs in the tech industry. Unless you have a Master’s in Business Analytics, a highly sought after field, or you know how to code, you won’t have a competitive edge over other applicants. Coding skills make your resume more attractive. Based on a survey conducted by the Graduate Management Admission Council,

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